January 20th, 2012

Robert Wilson- Video 50

What do a parakeet, a glass of water, a green-screen of Niagara Falls, a weightlifter, and a profusely sweating man have in common? They’re all subjects of the new Robert Wilson exhibit in UMMA’s New Media Gallery! Wilson’s “Video 50” is a series of fifty different thirty second long “tiny dramas” that appear in a randomized order, with no apparent storyline or narrative. Near-motionless images of chairs spinning in an orange sky are juxtaposed with clips of a duck quacking into a microphone and a hairdresser vamping at the camera. Confusing, entertaining, garish, absurd, and comical, “Video 50” is not one to miss! Come see it for yourself- this exhibit’ll be on display at UMMA through April 29.


University of Michigan Museum of Art
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